Pickleball at CHYC

Pickleball at CHYC started in 2014 with discussions by Commodore Barnett. In 2015, Commodore Lorraine Geiser and Bob Wedemeyer met with a PickleBall court builder in Fort Myers. Once plans were made, a donation was secured to build the courts and supply the nets. Commodore Geiser and husband Tony Geiser donated equipment, paddles and balls……and in November, 2014 with the Chamber of Commerce a Grand Opening was held and the event published in the Newspress.

Can anyone play? Sure…in fact, coming to PickleBall from another sport is so easy. Many who played tennis, racquetball or even ping pong find “picklin” easy to learn. We have avid platform tennis players, champion tennis, and ping ponger’s play and use the same skill set.

PickleBallers meet every Tuesday and Thursday at 8 AM. winter and summer.

Beginners PickleBall has started and we have been able to open the court to those who just want to volley and get a “feel” for Pickling. If you want to just try the game out or are curious about playing – do come out at 9 AM Tuesday and Thursday or just call (941-740-0171) if those times don’t work. We have great teachers who will provide you a racket and instruction. Beginners are getting their PICKLE ON!